Level 2/3 Assessments

  • Must all Level 2/3 STMS’ go for a refreshers course?

    Yes every three (3) years they must all attend a refresher course. No one is excluded

  • Must all Level 2/3 STMS’ apply for a ROPE (recognition of prior experience) application prior to the refresher course?

    No not always, let me explain.

    On every 2nd application (6 years) a STMS must undergo a mandatory “assessment”. This assessment is the practical delivery of a closure on a Level 2 or Level 3 road. The assessor then submit the results to NZTA to renew or not the qualification

    If within a year prior to the STMS qualification expires, he obtains a “Notice of Non-Conformance” then he will not pass his ROPE application and will have to do an assessment as indicated above. Decision is whether you wish to apply for the ROPE application knowing it will not be successful.

  • When is this rule affective from? (Rule: Every 6 years a practising STMS must do an assessment)

    From the 1 April 2015

    Since this date if you have had your LV 2/3 STMS ticket for more than 3 years, then you next renewal will have to include an assessment

    The effect on some of the older guys is that they will all need to attend an assessment on their next go. No need to go through the ROPE at all

  • Is the ROPE application only done by John Boyson Limited?

    He is appointed as the national consultant for NZTA to evaluate the ROPE on applicants. This certainly does not make him the sole trainer

    If you wish for the training to be done by another trainer this needs to be indicated on the ROPE application form to John Boyson LTD

  • Is there an application form or information on the ROPE process?

    YES, I have attached two documents to this email

  • Is the practical assessment that needs to be undertaken by the relevant STMS that is refreshing his qualification the same as a new person who obtains his Level 2/3 qualification?

    No, it is made easier for the refresher. There is 4 parts to an assessment that must be delivered for a new candidate, whereas a refresher needs to deliver only part 4.

  • Does Traffic Management Academy present all the above training and assessments?

    Yes we do. TMA have gone ahead again to place this in an electronic format. However it does take a little training and getting used to. If this is something you are interested in let me know and I will set up a meeting with you and any other relevant staff to take you through the process.

    Otherwise all training can be booked through info@tmacademy.co.nz